End Point Vision and Beyond: Live Your Preferred Future Now

  • This book presents the principles behind the End Point Vision system, success stories and step by step instructions and a worksheet for using the system to manifest your vision.
    — By George McMaster, PhD. and Victor Lindal, Master Coach

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EPV Mental Strength Training e-course

EPV Journal: Your Season of Success

  • A structured learning program and coaching guide to develop effective habits

EPV Journey – self-coaching game (booklet & game board)

  • Fundamental personal change (moving from ineffective to effective habits) is a tricky process. It is difficult to shift long-standing habits because our psyche or family systems hold them in place. The journey is fraught with distractions. By approaching change in a safe, fun environment, using a game format and the support of a peer coach, one can playfully experiment with change, which disengages the fear-defense response. The EPV game creates an experience that is conducive to deep learning and developing productive habits that will manifest your vision.
    —Developed by Daniel Doherty and Victor Lindal.

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Radical Coaching: Strategies for Winning – Volleyball

  • A guide to innovative coaching. Applies to all team sports, includes a method for linear ranking method to facilitate team selection for recreational and competitive leagues.
    — By George McMaster, PhD. and Victor Lindal, Master Coach
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Individual or Group Coaching

  • You can coach yourself, but if you are not seeing results, then a master coach or a peer coach can help you stay on track. Form your own mastermind alliance, or use Dan and Vic for coaching support (by phone, in person or via internet) to help you or your team solidify and meet your End Point Vision.

Contact us to discuss a coaching strategy that will work for you:

  • 30 min (free) preliminary interview to discuss needs
  • Recommended coaching programs – $30 for 15 min /week
    • 15 min to 1 hr/week for 3 weeks to start your EPV habit, or
    • 15 min to 1 hr/week for 13 weeks to develop sustainable results, or
    • occasional coaching as required

More books in development:

  • More EPV strategies and success stories to guide you – George McMaster
  • Aging on Fire: Living a life of purpose starts now.
  • Hockey Kidz – EPV graphic novels and workbooks