Results from people who have experienced End Point Visualization (EPV):

Volleyball Setter Feels EPV Difference Immediately

My setter on the College team came up to me after our initial EPV sessions with a good observation. He said that he had always tried to visualize to improve his game, but in a forward-shaping way as opposed to starting with the endpoint.

[Using forward processing] he would mostly see himself hitting the ball for a point in a vague way, and sometimes see himself hitting the block or even hitting the ball out. The further into the sequence he got, the fuzzier the visual was for him, the harder it was to maintain a crisp focused mental image.

[After trying back-chaining] he bought into EPV instantly. He said he could feel the difference.

—College volleyball coach

Daily Distractions Dissolved

A friend has been frustrated about not getting to organizing email and photos. I helped her create a simple End Point Vision : the satisfaction and confidence of having downloaded and organized photos. We then defined a few actions using the EPV game.

The first action was scheduled for 10:50 (20 min from the current time). It was fascinating to observe all of life’s daily distractions…people at the door, phone ringing…but our mutual focus as a result of setting the EPV allowed us to prevent all that noise from distracting us from the goal. When we finished organizing the photos, she had the same little grin of satisfaction on her face as she did when she originally imagined the End Point Vision…all that accomplished in one 1 hour.

—personal assistant

Describe your EPV, action and results

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